Boldic Award nominations 2015

BA 2015

Project Proposal text and links Country Nomination
1  Digital Turn – digital curriculum Estonia Nr 1.
Digital Turn is a digital training curriculum for teacher teams to prepare Estonian schools for one to one computing Project website:    
2 Virtual Textbook  – exercises for schools Latvia Nr 2
Is a Latvian portal and database.The content in the portal is developed in more than 30 different subjects, teachers, and virtual school content is constantly updated and supplemented.

3 MOOC in robot technics and digitalization  Denmark  Nr 3
 Mooc’s is based on a desire to provide resources and knowledge available that can be used directly by teachers and educators in the work to develop the IT area in the school.See link to the MOOC sites
Prezi presentation
 4. Cross boarder project  Denmark Nr 4.
This is an EU-funded project related to cross boarder collaboration for educational purposes supported by information and communication technologies between Danish, Norwegian and Swedish schools.
5 Padowan-Plotting of mathematical functions Denmark Nr 5.
Graph is a program designed to draw graphs of mathematical functions in a coordinate system and similar things.Graph is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the public license. See link
6 Pages– Open educational environment  Denmark  Nr 6.
Pages is an open educational environment developed to support openness and transparency between students and teachers beyond courses and institutional settings.
7 English Language for Mechanical Engineers
Digital learning resources online supported by open source platform Moodle.1 English Language for Mechanical Engineers Lithuania
 Lithuania  Nr 7.
(login vgtuguest same pw)
8 Campus NooA-online Campus Norway  Nr 8
Digital campus online In Campus NooA Mall you can create an area were you can explore some of the NooA services together with other students and visitors. See link 
9  Creating OER textbooks for schools Finland  Nr 9. 
Shows a forefront of OER activity that can lead to real textbooks (physical and E-materials) for schools to use. In Finland there are only few OERs that are provided in a curated manner.
10 Graphogame
Graphogame is a child-friendly computer game that helps children to learn the basic letters and their sounds. Through a series of levels, gradually, the child is able to construct these letters into small words and then larger words. Importantly, the game incorporates a dynamic element in that it also adapts to the child’s own level of ability and sets further levels in accordance with this ability.
Finland  Nr 10.
11  Course planning tool for OER Sweden  Nr 11.
 The platform works both as a tool to help teachers planning courses and an open bank with educational resources that they can use in teaching. The site is run by high school teacher John Falk.
12 Internetfoundation Sweden  Nr 12
The Internet Fund initiates and stimuelarar use and spridnig of OER and Creative Commons
13 Webbstar Sweden  Nr 13
Web Star is about to approach the role of producer and active users of the internet, rather, is the more familiar role as a consumer, by learning the basics of web publishing. See link 
14 IMPOERS e-learning for the nursing program
The IMPOERs project is one of the first research project on implementation of OER in a professional Degree program. See link to presentation and also
See link 2 Project text
Sweden  Nr 14
15 Student owned e-portfolio P3 This is a scaleable eportfolio that can be used all over the Nordic and Baltic region. It is open source and can be further developed and integrated in different education organisations and support their courses in a new and exciting way to support personalized learning.The eportfolio supports lifelong learning in a way that the student can take content with them after they have finished a course.  See link  Sweden  Nr 15
 16 Learn through gamesThe App application gives possibilities for pupils to attain their goals. A quiz app that will make learning easier and more fun.
It combine driving force in games with the demands of the curriculum. Teachers and pupils together can create engagement about learning
 See ppt presentation
Sweden  Nr 16.


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