Boldic conference 2009

Boldic Annual conference Boldic Stockholm 2009






09.10.08 Participants

Ulf Sandstrom Sweden
Jorgen Grubbe Denmark
Danguole Ignatavicuite Lithuania
Gunilla Sterner Kumm Sweden
Sigrun Gunnarsdottir Island
Wurima Wurima Sweden

Session hall





Sigrun Gunnarsdottir presentation ”Online conferencing for the digital age”.  2009.10.07







Dinner at Saturnus conference

Agenda for BOLDIC Perspectives Online Project Meeting




Program Boldic project meeting wed 8 October

– Project plan main goals, aim and outcomes
– Develop the forms for Boldic Award
– Boldic Award Criterias and adjustments
– Dissemination of ongoing work
– Finding new media roads.
– Aim 2 results from Nordflex
– Conclusions of the BOLDIC AWARD 2009 Nomination
10:00 Coffee
10:30    Annual conference plan
11:00   Online Conferencing and services for online Cooperation
12:00  Revision of the project plan and deadlines
13:00  Webbsite
13:30  Other issues
14:00  Lunch
15:00 Farewell for this time

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