Boldic Online handbook

Boldic online handbook

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Sigrun Gunnarsdottir : power point presentation e-meetings PDF
from Boldic presentation at SVERD Conference Stockholm 2009


The following topics are discussed:

Common start-up problems
List of meeting and conference platforms


For more than ten years we have tried out various sites for holding online meetings and seminars for different collaborative projects in the Nordic region. It began with the Minerva project Boldic and the Nordplus projects Nordflex and Den nordiske stemme. It continued in Boldic perspectives online and in SKJÁR. Moreover, there has been extensive testing in the Nordic distance learning network DISTANS (an expert group in the Nordic Network for Adult Learning), and in my own organization, the Norwegian Association for Distance Education (NADE – NFF).

We organised large and lengthy conferences, both synchronously and asynchronously. We have used many different meeting platforms, hosting meetings with few participants (e.g. project meetings), and with many participants (up to a hundred). We have tried out using audio and video synchronously, and we have used audio for some and instant messaging (chat) for others.

Summing up, we have now developed a synchronous format that we use quite frequently, the webinar (combination of web and seminar). Several of us have chosen to purchase a license for a particular online meeting platform, while others alternate between a number of free platforms. On the basis of experience gained over the years, this publication sets out advice and suggestions on how webinars can be established and implemented.


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