Boldic Award



The BOLDIC AWARD aims to honour people or organisations excelling in the ODL field
(Open Distance Learning). The award is restricted to the partner countries within the
BOLDIC project at this time.

(There should be an effort to extend this to include all other countries/self governing areas within the Nordic/Baltic geographical area)

What can be awarded?

Any ODL-activity connected to adult learning meeting one or more of the following criteria

  • Teaching/learning arrangements
  • Support systems (for delivery of learning content or/and learning support)
  • Development of activities, content or understanding within the ODL area

The activities should

  • Be transferable to the whole BOLDIC region
  • Be learner focused
  • Facilitate blended or flexible learning
  • Be innovative
  • Be scalable
  • Have a sustainable strategy
  • Have a sensible and appropriate approach to technology
  • Involve continuing evaluation

Both persons and organisations can be nominated

Nominees should ne nominated by an organisation?

The nominees have to base their work in one of the BOLDIC partnership countries (or within the Nordic/Baltic area), but are free regarding partners based in other countries.

Requirements for participation in the nomination process

Participants have to submit a 400 – 2000 word nomination paper in english that includes:

  • Institution
  • Name/s of nominee/s
  • Method/methodology
  • Target group
  • Results
  • Rationale

The award committee consists of representatives from the different BOLDIC partners or external committee members appointed by BOLDIC partners.

Background and history

The Boldic Award was created as a part of the original Boldic project ending in 2005. The Award was an integrated part of work-package 5 “Best BOLDIC practise and areas for development” The award was supposed to be a tool for showcasing best practises and successful experiences within the Nordic/Baltic area. The award was given to ODL- practices/activitites connected to adult learning.

Earlier winners include:

2005 Nätverksgymnasiet Jämtland.Sweden.

2006 NKI,Norway.

2007 Vitus Beaering,Denmark,

2008 MKFC, Sverige

2009 Bergen University , Norway

2010 University of Aarhus

2011 NKI, Berghs school of business , Mediainstitut Denmark

2012 No BA prize this year

2013 Riga Technical University eBig3 project

2014 Norwegian digital learning arena NDLA

2015 Roskilde municipality, University College Sjaelland , Vestfold University College with the Cross boarder collaboration project   se link

2016 Soros International House Vilnius Litauen ”Seniors online” se link


Venue for the Boldic Ceremony
The award ceremony has been held at the different annual conferences the different partner organisations have been involved in.  The country that got a winner of Boldic Award will also host the next upcoming year Boldic Conference.


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