Boldic Award statues









What can be awarded?

Any ODL-activity connected to adult learning meeting one or more of the following criteria

  • Teaching/learning arrangements
  • Support systems (for delivery of learning content or/and learning support)
  • Development of activities, content or understanding within the ODL area

The activities should

  • Be transferable to the whole BOLDIC region
  • Be learner focused
  • Facilitate blended or flexible learning
  • Be innovative
  • Be scalable
  • Have a sustainable strategy
  • Have a sensible and appropriate approach to technology
  • Involve continuing evaluation

Both persons and organisations can be nominated

Nominees should ne nominated by an organisation?

The nominees have to base their work in one of the BOLDIC partnership countries (or within the Nordic/Baltic area), but are free regarding partners based in other countries.

Requirements for participation in the nomination process

Participants have to submit a 400 – 2000 word nomination paper in english that includes:

  • Institution
  • Name/s of nominee/s
  • Method/methodology
  • Target group
  • Results
  • Rationale

The award committee consists of representatives from the different BOLDIC partners or external committee members appointed by BOLDIC partners.

Road map

Timeframe/Guidelines for the nomination process


  • Call for nominees from 15 of Mars -20xx
  • Nomination deadline by 15 of September-20xx
  • (The nomination committee has the responsibility of nominate new members of the committee if members are leaving after the duration of their period or du to other causes. This process ends the “committee year”.)
  • The “committee year” goes from Mars to Mars the following year.
  • (The award committee works closely with representatives within the seven BOLDIC partners. )
  • The nominations should be announced during spring, along with noticing press and “marketing” among partner channels and contacts.
  • The choice of winners can be made at any given time, but should be withheld to after summer, but in due time for the award ceremony.
  • The award ceremony should be held at one of the autumn conferences.
  • The winner should be marketed after the ceremony, alerting press, use of own channels among BOLDIC partners.
  • The award committee can withheld the BOLDIC Award if not any candidate/nominee are up to standard.


There are a focus on getting nominations from all the BOLDIC partners especially we work for a sustainable strategy for this.

Regarding sustainability of the award, the project partners should suggest a strategy for the selection and work of the BOLDIC Award committee after the end of the BOLDIC perspectives online project.

Everything we implement in the BOLDIC Award process should support sustainability, diverse nominations, quality, recognition and seriousness.

It is vital that we make a working framework where the different roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. It is also of importance to make all documentation easily accessible for committee members and external partners in the process.

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