Boldic Award Winner 2013

 Maira Dumpe from BA School Riga Latvia recieved the BA2013 on account for Riga Technical University in SVERD Autumn Conference in Stockholm 18th of Oct.

Boldic Award Winner 2013 Riga Technical University Latvia.

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RIGA Technical University from Latvia is the winner of Boldic Award 2013 of 500 Euros for

the innovative project work done during Ebig3 project.


This project combines a wide coverage of TV technology and a wide use of mobile technology with the capacity and flexibility of broadband. This allows a learner to use a single delivery channel at a particular time, depending on availability and preferences, or a complementary combination of two or three delivery channels thus supporting learning anywhere anytime.


This is an innovative project of open and distance learning. The Ebig3 project ( uses not only traditional Internet based systems but alsoTV and mobile technologies.

The developed solutions includes integration of technical issues for cross-media learning content delivery, refinement of pedagogic considerations, development of shared understanding of target user learning contexts in border areas, production of learning content & organizing course pilots. The projects strategy and soloutions can be scalable over the whole Nordic and Baltic region.


This is a unique way to work together to promote online learning and ICT-supported flexible lifelong learning in the Nordic and Baltic region. Ebig3 meets the requirements of the jury and is a  worthy winner of the Boldic Award 2013.



Stockholm 18 October 2013 , The Boldic Award Jury 2013


Ulf Sandström
Swedish Association for Distance Education
Torhild Slåtto
Flexibel Education Norway
Jorgen Grubbe
Forening for fleksibel utdanning Denmark
Danguole  IgnataviciuteVilniaus Kolegija Lithuania
Maira Dumpe
BA School of Business and Finance  Latvia
Jan Pawlowski
University of  Jyväskylä  Finland
Hans Poldoja
Tallinn UniversityEstonia



The nominated projects for Boldic Award 2013 was

Schhool lift                    Swe            2p

Flipped Classroom           Swe            5p

Campus NooA                Nor             10p

OER Nordic Alliance         Nor             6p

Crossboarder edu           Den            9p

Ebig3                           Lat             20p

KAE Kool                       Est             8p

Sometu                         Fin              10p

Dream School                Fin              4p


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